Schengen visas


It was last year that the Association of German Trade-Fair-Organizers (AUMA) negotiated successfully with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result the Ministry had sent information to all German Consulates and Embassies worldwide. It says, that especially for individuals who are exhibitors – or true trade fair visitors to a trade fair in Germany will no longer need to provide such ‘invitation letter’ from the organizer. (Attachment 1) This is meant to facilitate the procedure from unnecessary bureaucratic and costly matters.

Please note that Messe Frankfurt do not issues an Invitation Letters any more.

Meanwhile most German ‘Visa-Departments’ are ‘up-to-date and follow the new practice. But some others may still follow the former rules – or are reluctant in adapting the new procedure. In this case, please remind the German Embassies in your country to be aware of the changes –and ask them to adapt the new procedure now. If the visa officer should need support or information, you can recommend him/her to recall the “Foreign Ministry in Berlin, Germany” directly or Mrs. Bauermeister from AUMA. (Attachment 2)

Contact Details:
AUMA, Ms. Silvia Bauermeister
Manager Legal Affairs/Business Development
Phone +49 30 24000-103

But for visa request as the visitor, you must purchase the Entry Ticket. If you have a credit card you can register your Ticket trough this web link:

If you don’t have a credit card then we can register your entry ticket and send it to you via Email. Please inform us, if you choose this option

If you need more Information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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