Germany’s Trade Fair Centers


As one of the biggest industrial centers of the world, Germany has always paid special attention to trade fair industry. Appreciation of the relationship between production and trade fairs has caused Germany to become the world largest trade fair country. As a case in point, every year 23 German trade fair companies organize more than 140 international trade fairs in 23 cities of the country in a total area of 6 million m2. Besides, these companies share their expertise and experience with all manufacturers, industry owners and businessmen from all around the world through holding over 240 specialized trade fairs in other countries. In the meantime, numerous conferences, seminars and conventions being held concurrently with the trade fairs where prominent experts, economists and industry people from different countries are present, has moved these world events beyond the boundaries of just a trade fair.             

 A few reasons of Germany’s being in the focal point of the trade fair industry are as follows:

- Germany’s being located in the heart of the European Union;

- The European Central Bank’s being located in Frankfurt;

- Extensive relations with the world market;

- 800 years of experience in organizing trade fairs;

- Being home to the world’s largest trade fair space of about 6 million Square meters

- Organizing 70% of the world’s specialized trade fairs annually

- Holding conferences and scientific congresses at the times trade fairs are held

- Providing exhibitors and visitors with clear and accurate information data 

- Organizing trade fairs in other countries   


The most important exhibition centers in Germany are:


-         Frankfurt

-          Dusseldorf

-          Hanover  

-          Muenchen

-          Berlin

-          Koln

-          Stuttgart

-          Nuernberg

-          Essen

-          Leipzig