Frankfurt at a Glance



Frankfurt is one of the oldest cities in Europe which has been known in history as “the city of banking and trade”, title first given in a document in the year 794 A.D. Frankfurt hosted its first trade fair in 1240. The reputation of the city as the European Trade and Banking hub has perpetuated over the centuries to our time.

At present, Frankfurt is considered one of the most important European cities in banking and trade fair industries, with the European Central Bank as well as the world’s largest trade fair organizer; namely, Messe Frankfurt GmbH, being located there.

Alongside the large number of business persons who have been travelling to the city since the past, the hotels, restaurants, entertainment and cultural centers and most importantly, the international and local transportation infrastructure have been remarkably progressed and modernized.

For the time being, one of the priorities of authorities in Frankfurt is to make sure travelers and tourists feel comfortable and always receiving full attention. This concern has made the people of Frankfurt to be best known for their hospitality and friendliness across the country.

By travelling to and staying in Frankfurt, along with establishing international business relations, you will surely experience some incredible moments.