Exhibitions News


Messe Frankfurt International Company organizes specialized trade fairs in the field of consumables and final products. Other than textile group of trade fairs and IFFA, where machinery is exhibited too, in the rest of the trade fairs organized by Messe Frankfurt the latest products in various fields are exhibited. Every producer, based on their professional thoughts, considers certain markets in the world. Considering the fact that successful presentation of a product in a certain region depends on numerous factors such as cultural and economic conditions of that region, Messe Frankfurt has started to organize its trade fairs across the world so that producers can get familiarized further with factors influencing markets in every region of the world. Paying due attention to the conditions pointed out results in a higher chance of success for a certain product presented in each region hence providing trade fair exhibitors with satisfaction.     

This section has been envisaged to familiarize our dear clients with the trade fairs organized by Messe Frankfurt across the world. For the same reason, a brief history of these trade fairs, countries and cities covered by them as well as the latest news and developments about them will be presented here. Our aim is to facilitate successful participation of our esteemed clients through providing them with some general information about all of these trade fairs.    

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