Darvazeh Tejarat Farasoo Company


By some internationally acknowledged definitions, one of the most important issues associated with a country’s industrial growth is “imports of high quality products to the country through stimulation of a sense of competition which will result in enhancement of the quality of the locally produced products; and then presentation of the locally produced products across the international markets which will culminate in higher number of customers and larger amounts of production as hard currency flows to the country.

Participation in international fairs has been always considered a Gate to expansion of commerce beyond borders by industry owners and businessmen. Nowadays, selection of a suitable fair with desirable conditions is thought of as an investment and making the best use of such an investment is among the most important concerns of businessmen and producers.                  

Darvazeh Tejarat Farasoo Company has been established with the aim of rendering services to the owners of industries and businessmen. The utmost objectives of the company include: contributions to the country’s industry within the framework of the definitions cited above, through introduction of the world’s most successful trade fairs, facilitating participation and visits and helping establishment of business ties between the Iranian and foreign customers in those trade fairs. As the first step on our way toward achievement of these objectives, we secured the exclusive agency of  Messe Frankfurt Company - world’s most successful trade fair organizer in the field of the most specialized trade fairs and the largest ones in the field of final products and consumable goods – in Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan.      

We consider it our utmost duty to pave the way for visitors and exhibitors to participate as strongly as possible in the world’s most prestigious trade fairs. It is owing to the strongest possible presence of you in the international trade fairs the name of your country will be echoed all around the world.   

Darvazeh Tejarat Farasoo Co. has just set out on its way; it needs the criticisms, suggestions and guidance of the authorities of the country’s industries to achieve the objectives just pointed out.


Please help us achieve our objectives.